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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 26, 2013

Episode 20 - Shownotes

Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center BUG match

Ben and I both shot this match, had a great time. We both pushed each other to go faster and faster, which made for some interesting scores. (Ben ended up beating me) Boo Hiss.....

H2O Fowl Farms BUG Match

Saturday I shot the H2O Fowl...

Mar 18, 2013

Episode 19 Shownotes

We answer your competition shooting questions.

In this episode, Ben and I answer several questions about competition shooting:

Jason H. asks about 3-Gun gear and rules

Nate J. asks about competition for kids.

Mar 12, 2013

Episode 18 Shownotes

Why You Should Shoot Competitively!

Ben and I discuss several reasons why you should at least try competitive shooting. We cover several of the myths that people may have about competitive shooting, and dispel some myths as well.

March 23rd, there will be a BUG (Back Up Gun) match at H2O Fowl Farms...

Mar 2, 2013

Episode 17 - Shownotes

Interview with Sean Sorrentino

On this week's podcast, I interviewed Sean Sorrentino from

New York Boycott

Sean has been keeping track of companies that have decided not to sell their products to law enforcement and government agencies in localities where the items are not legal for...