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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 24, 2013

As we mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, John Z. from the Zombie Shooters Association dual weilding revolvers at an IDPA BUG match at PDHSC a while back:

The News!

Could Ruger be bringing some firearms production to NC? There was some speculation last week, but now it has been...

Jun 19, 2013

Ben was nice enough to fill in for me this week, as we couldn't get our schedules to mesh.

Carolina Cup

Ben shot the Carolina Cup this past weekend, and said it was a great match. I had the opportunity to join his squad on Saturday, and I took a ton of pictures, many of which can be found in this album on the Triangle...

Jun 12, 2013

Yesterday I had Sean Sorrentino from in studio to discuss the new changes to HB937 that just happened yesterday morning. Lots of big changes with this bill, and they are all GOOD! Give it a listen, and make sure to share this with your friends!

Here's a quick and dirty rundown:

  • No more pistol purchase...

Jun 11, 2013

The News!

Is gamer gear finally becoming mainstream? There's a new trailer for Battlefield 4 that shows a rifle with offset iron sights and flip to the side magnifiers.

Legal Update:

Looks like we are beginning to see some movement on NC House Bill 937. The bill was moved out of the rules committee into the Senate...

Jun 5, 2013

The News!

A North Carolina Court of appeals has ruled that a pardon in NC is a pardon. What that means, is that there are two types of pardons in NC, basically one that says that you didn't do the crime, and another one that says, yeah, you did do the crime, but we forgive you. The state Court of Appeals has ruled that...