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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Sep 30, 2013

We're finishing up National Preparedness Month with an awesome Interview with Charles from I asked Charles to come on the podcast to talk about vehicle preparedness, and some of the basic things that we can do to make sure we don't get stranded on the side of the road, and what we can do if that does...

Sep 25, 2013

During the memorial for the Navy Yard victims, President Obama said something that I agree with (I'm parapharsing here) "It's not normal for people to be gunned down while they are at work." He's right. It isn't normal, in fact it's extremely rare.

We also talked about the terrorist attack at the mall in Nairobi, Kenya....

Sep 16, 2013

Tips For Buying Used Handguns:

On the exterior of the pistol, there are a couple things to look for:

  • The first is holster wear, and this really isn't a big deal. Holster wear would be things like a shiny spot on the polymer frame, or some light finish wear on the slide. Holster wear shouldn't be mistaken for deep...

Sep 9, 2013

Ben recently built his first AR-15 after shopping for a complete one for several months. We talk about the pro's and con's of building your own AR-15 vs. buying a cookie cutter rifle from the store.

The News!

I had a picture pop up on my personal Facebook newsfeed tonight about a public shooting range being constructed...

Sep 2, 2013

I interviewed Bill Edwards of North Raleigh Guns, and soon to be Triangle Shooting Academy. For those who don't know, Triangle Shooting Academy will be opening in North Raleigh behind the Brier Creek Walmart. Bill and I talked about the range, and what some of the plans are for it. I think you will like what Bill has...