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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 31, 2014

This is episode 75 of the podcast! It's quite late, and I just finished editing the show. Full shownotes will be up as soon as I get time to write them, but I want to go to bed. Check back Monday evening, and they will be up. 

This week we talk about the 4 rules of gun HANDLING, and when we break those rules.

We also...

Mar 24, 2014

Ben and I talk about how we got started in competitive shooting. Neither of us are lifelong competitors, and we talk about how we got started, and the things that kept us wanting to improve our shooting. Neither of us are lifelong competitive shooters, and we both got started different ways.

The News:

Sen. Diane...

Mar 17, 2014

As a concealed carrier, it's inevetible that you will find yourself in a place where you end up leaving your gun in your car. Taking some steps to secure it, rather than just leaving it in he glove box can be the difference between losing your gun (and putting it in the hands of a bad guy) and keeping it.

Ben mentions...

Mar 10, 2014

We had the opportunity to go shoot the inaugural ZSA Steel Challenge match at The Range in Oxford, NC on Saturday. This was the first steel challenge match for both Ben and I, and we both had a great time.

Steel Challenge is great for a number of reasons:

  1. On paper, it looks boring, however once you actually shoot...

Mar 4, 2014

Sometimes changing your gun and shooting a different division can help you improve your skills. More often than not people change gear perceiving that it will make them better, but Ben brings up the point that getting better gear only knocks down barriers, but doesn't do anything to actually make you better. You need to...