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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 30, 2015

This week we had a chance to meet up with USPSA Grand Master and current Production National Champion Ben Stoeger. We talk a lot about how he got into shooting, robocop, Mel Gibson, mullets, and goons.




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Mar 23, 2015

Nothing but listener feedback in this episode! Marty tells us about his first match, Mike is going to shoot his soon and asks about a Bravo Concealment holster for IDPA, Brian emails in from Canada (America's Hat), Ron sets us straight about local 2-Gun matches, Terry asks about Major vs. Minor power factor scoring,...

Mar 15, 2015

At the top of the show we talk a bit about USPSA and our practice regimen. I mentioned a couple of Instagram videos on the Triangle Tactical Instagram page where I FUBAR a reload in a drill, and some video of the “Drill of the Week” from last week. Find them all here.

Main Topic:

I was inspired to talk about this...

Mar 9, 2015

This is an exciting episode for us, because for the first time ever, Ben and I recorded this episode with both of us in the same room. Anyways, here’s the shownotes:

We’ve both had a few things that have been bothering us for a little while, and we decided to vent about it this week. In the main topic segment, we...

Mar 2, 2015

Oh boy, this episode has been... interesting to get published. Anyways, after using 3 computers, a phone, and 2 different cloud data storage sites, it's finished. 

We talk about confidence as a shooter, just listen to it, ya hoser!




- (919)295-6128