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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

May 31, 2016

Just a quick heads up, I tokk the weekend off from podcasting and didn't record a Triangle Tactical Podcast episode this week. The Triangle Tactical Q&A podcasts will release as normal this week.

May 23, 2016

Just a few things I've noticed that I thought I would point out. The first two things seem to be done mostly by newer shooters, and the second two seem to be mostly more-seasoned shooters.

  1. Know the rules. At least have a rudimentary understanding of the rules of the game you're shooting. I don't think you need to read...

May 15, 2016

The Triangle Tactical Q&A podcast turned a whole year old the other day, so I thought it might be fun to re-broadcast a few of my favorite Q&A podcast episodes during this week's show. I actually went through all of the back catalog of Q&A shows and picked out all of my favorites, and there was over 3 hours of audio, so...

May 9, 2016

I kind of ripped this topic off of something I heard my wife talk about in a speech she was preparing a couple weeks ago. She's a teacher and was talking about the difference between learning time and performance time with kids in school, and as soon as I heard it, I started wondering if this was something I should...

May 2, 2016

Shownotes for this episode are pending. I didn't get the show recorded until late, so shownotes will be up mid-day on Monday 5/2.

The News

Oklahoma CCW instructors have their panties in a wad about Constitutional Carry.

Harris Publications is shutting down. These folks are the publishers of a bunch of gun magazines (and...