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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Oct 25, 2016

It seems like any time someone who's made a name for themselves on the internet opens their mouth and says that something is good, bad, or whatever, there's an army of fanboys who jump on board and claim whatever this person has said as gospel without even taking the time to verify what they were told.



Oct 18, 2016

If you carry concealed, you've probably been concerned about printing (having the outline of your gun showing through your clothes) at at least one time or another. Now that we're in 2016 and everyone and their brother has a giant cell phone on their hip, I don't think printing matters anymore.

I spent about 12 hours...

Oct 11, 2016

Oh boy, there's been some drama on the world practical shooting stage this past week. The IPSC European Handgun Championship was last week, and at the match, the IPSC council met and passed some resolutions that have USPSA Mike Foley releasing a press release you can find here.

We don't have anything specifically saying...

Oct 4, 2016

I’ve always really liked Cabela's as a company, and I’ve noticed more and more lately that I like them even more. Saturday night my wife and I were driving home from somewhere, and we were listening to the big local Top 40 radio station (she had control of the radio, married guys know). They were playing the big...