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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jan 31, 2017

This week I go through the very basics that you need to shoot your first match. Obviously there's a LOT more to know about competitive shooting (I've been doing this podcast for nearly 5 years) but I hope I give you enough in this to make you feel more comfortable getting started in competitive shooting. If you want more, check out my primer on getting started in competitive shooting here.

The News

A good article about kids in the shooting sports, and how it makes them more responsible. It definitely echo's what I've seen on the shooting range with junior shooters; they're some of the safest, most responsible shooters on the range.

Gear That Doesn't Suck

You should have a squib stick in your range bag. Even if you've never loaded a squib, it's handy to have on the range when someone else loads one, and you need to check if the barrel is clear. The thing is, the places that sell them specifically for shooting are prohibitively expensive, but I've got a solution: a brass rod.

Plug of the Week

I'm kind of an irregular listener to the Joe Rogan podcast. I listen when he's got someone I'm interested in hearing about on, and last week he had one of those people: Gary Taubes. Gary's written a lot about sugar/carbs/fat/etc. So, it's the end of January, I'm guessing a lot of folks are maybe falling off their New Years resolutions to lose some weight, so if you are, I think this is a decent episode to learn more about maybe a new way to look at health. I've lost about 60-65lbs on a ketogenic diet, and I feel way better than I ever have.