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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Feb 23, 2015

When learning a skilled trade in the old world, people fell into one of three categories: apprentice, journeyman, and master. The apprentice was the first step to learning the trade, and the apprentice would be paired with a master with whom he would learn all there was to learn from that master. The apprentice would then graduate into a journeyman, where he would go and learn from many different masters. After the journeyman had completed his learning, he would then become a master himself and have his own apprentice.

In the shooting world, these categories aren't as hard and fast as they were way back when, but most shooters can probably fit into one or two of them. Ben talks about his beginning as an apprentice to one instructor, and when he learned more, and became more skilled he began to learn from other instructors and shooters basically graduating to a journeyman, but for a new shooter who he showed the ropes to, he was a master.

The News:

A person was stabbed in the eye at 2:30AM near Moore Square in downtown Raleigh. Just a reminder that when you're out at the swanky bars downtown you need to be vigilant. If you have a designated driver, consider having a designated carrier as well.

A NJ man is facing 10 years in prison for having a 300 year old flintlock pistol in the glovebox of his car. Here's the NRA News interview with him.

A WV Pharmacist was able to draw and fire on a robber attempting to rob his pharmacy. Interestingly, the Pharmacist shot the robbers gun right in the muzzle, locking the slide and causing it to be inoperable. It's a fluke that it happened, but interesting none the less.

shot in muzzle

Dryfire Drill of the Week:

This is Ben's drill this week: Start with your unloaded pistol on the target (No magazine in the magwell, empty chamber, slide forward). At the beep initiate a reload, and get the sights back on target before the second beep from your par timer. Don't pull the trigger, because on a single "shot" drill, you'll start rushing the trigger. Ben said he'll practice this drill without a par timer as well and pull the trigger that way he doesn't get in the habit of pulling the trigger before he's ready just to make the par time.

Plugs of the Week:

We couldn't decide on a single plug this week, so we plugged two things:

- Latest Episode of Dan Carlin's Common Sense podcast. He focuses on the current situation with Russia/Ukraine/NATO/etc. This episode shed some light on the whole story that the network news doesn't explain.

- Brian Aitken (The guy who got railroaded by the NJ "justice" system for doing something that I do every day (having a couple guns in his car)) is trying to get his kid back. He's trying to crowdsource some cash to pay for a lawyer. Here's what I recommend: Go buy his book, and read it. It's available here on Amazon, and I'm not using an affiliate link, because I want him to make as much money as possible off of the sale.  After you read the book, go to his new website at and toss him a few bucks.




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