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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 29, 2015

Gear that Doesn't Suck

This week we talk about the Safariland ALS retention holster. If you need retention, this is the holster to get. The release mechanism uses your thumb in a very natural motion to release the pistol from the holster. It's high quality, and something you should definitely consider if you're an open carrier, or just feel like you need more retention.

You can get the Safariland ALS here.

The News

Some fools were "open carrying" in Georgia last week. Carrying a shotgun, racking rounds into it, loading it, etc. In Walmart. They're lucky they didn't get shot. I'm not a fan of carrying to make a statement, so I think what these guys did was utterly stupid.

Last week we mentioned that LuckyGunner won their court costs back after being sued by the Brady Bunch. They've decided to take that money (approx. $111,000) and donate it to pro-gun groups. How great is that?

Plug of the Week

Ben plugs the Active Response Training blog this week. You can find the blog at

Dryfire Drill of the Week

Practice some unloaded table starts. Pistol and mags on the table, on the buzzer pick them up, load the pistol, and engage a target with 2 rounds. It's a skill that came up in this weeks classifier that I haven't practiced in a long while.




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