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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Feb 1, 2016

This weeks episode is sort of a companion from this blog post that Ben wrote last week. You should go read it, it's really good. We've both seen good shooters, and shooters who have the potential to be good fall out of the sport due to burnout over the years. It's probably helpful to know what burnout is, and how to avoid it. 

The News:

Virginia was set to revoke concealed carry reciprocity with a bunch of other states on 2/1/2016 but it looks like the Governor has made an 11th hour deal with Republicans in the state to reverse course and keep all of the previous reciprocity agreements. 

USPSA had a Board of Directors meeting right after SHOT show, and they made some changes to the Carry Optics division rules. Here are the approved changes from the USPSA Down Range email that went out last week:

The changes for Carry Optics Division will make it truly unique from other divisions, and will include:

  • Authorization for all levels of USPSA and Steel Challenge
  • Expanded stippling, contouring and texturing of the grip frame to include undercut trigger guard and grip reduction
  • Expanded slide profiles to include serrations and cosmetic cuts not completely through the slide
  • Increased weight limit of 45 ounces, including optic and empty magazine, allowing more pistols to compete
  • Required use of a slide-mounted optic, prohibiting guns without an optic.

Facebook bans gun classifieds. Meh, it's their house, so we play by their rules. Some people are all up in arms about this, but I'm not. It's a crappy medium for a classifieds site anyways. Have you seen the new Armslist website? It's beautiful.

Gear That Doesn't Suck


Not a super tactical, or gun related product, but something I use in my range bag to keep things organized and dry. Back when I used to mess around with Geocaching quite a bit, I found that these Lock-n-lock boxes are awesome because they are completely waterproof. I have some that have been hidden outdoors for over 5 years now that are still completely dry. Mine holds my timer, gun parts, holster parts, spare fiber optic rod, and Triangle Tactical stickers so they don't get damaged or wet in my range bag. No worried about the lid coming off or my stuff getting wet. 

(Yes mine is painted green, it was once a Geocache hidden in the woods.)