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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Sep 16, 2014

We spend a lot of time on the blog and podcast talking about how it’s much superior to learn skills to actually get better at something (shooting mostly) than buying new tools that don’t actually make you better. After talking with Ben a bit this week though, we realized that sometimes buying something new can help to make you better, because having the cool new thing gives you more motivation to practice.

The News:

IDPA ruled the CZ Accu-Shadow illegal for SSP division just hours before the IDPA Nationals started. This decision left definitely put a hurting on some shooters who were traveling across the country to shoot the Nationals because of the poor timing of it.

The California school vice-principal that we talked about in Episode 97 is now suing for wrongful arrest because he was not breaking the law when arrested for having a handgun on school grounds. Turns out, a California CCW permit allows the permit holder to carry in a school. (Yet an NC permit does not…)

We play the audio of a 911 call from a Phoenix, AZ woman who was confronted by a home invader that she ended up shooting. It’s interesting to hear the difference in the woman’s voice before the shooting, after the shooting, and once the police arrive. She goes from whispering so she won’t be found by him, to yelling and telling him to shut up after shooting him, to sounding like shes about ready to hyperventilate once the police officers take control of the scene. I edited the clip pretty heavily in the podcast to save time, but you can hear the entire thing in the above link.

Plug of the Week

This week we plugged Instagram in general. If you like easily consumed shooting match videos, get over on instagram and follow the #IDPA and #USPSA hashtags. We’re over there too, so make sure to follow us as well.

Everyday Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month, so take some time to prepare for things that will actually happen.

  • Power will go out
  • Water will become undrinkable or stop flowing to the tap

  • Tires go flat

  • Fires happen

The month is about half gone already, so go change the batteries in your smoke detector, buy a couple cases of water, and check the air pressure in your spare tire. Don’t put it off.

Call to Action

We really like all of the voicemails we’ve been getting lately, but we need more of them.