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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Nov 24, 2014

The main topic for this episode comes from a voicemail from a listener (who didn’t leave his name) about whether or not it’s okay to shoot competition with a pistol that isn’t your carry gun. Ben and I both carry different guns than we generally shoot in competition, but there is a bit of philosophy there which we go into in this episode.

Local Shooting Sports News

H2O Fowl Farms is hosting their BUG match on Saturday, Nov. 29th 2014. This is a great match for a new shooter to get started in, you don’t need a holster or mag pouches, just a pistol, magazine, and 60rds of ammo. This particular match is benefiting Toys for Tots, so it’s also for a great cause! More details over at Carolina Shooters Club…

The News

Alan Gura is spanking Washington DC again over their concealed carry situation.

A 12 year old in Ohio was shot and killed by police while reaching for an airsoft pistol in his waistband. An unfortunate situation for everyone involved and a reminder to be extremely cautious when carrying, and informing police that you are carrying. Just because you know that you don’t mean anyone any harm doesn’t mean that they know that.

Plug of the Week:

I wrote a blog post about protecting yourself from holiday scams. Black Friday is this week, and the holiday shopping season will soon be in full swing. Know what’s up!




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