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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 9, 2015

This is an exciting episode for us, because for the first time ever, Ben and I recorded this episode with both of us in the same room. Anyways, here’s the shownotes:

We’ve both had a few things that have been bothering us for a little while, and we decided to vent about it this week. In the main topic segment, we vent about the following:

  • Spartans. Why does everything in the shooting community have a spartan helmet on it?


  • 10mm. We don’t really have a problem with the 10mm itself (it’s a fine round), but rather the rabid fan-boys that seem to think every firearm should be chambered in 10mm.

  • .45 GAP. On the other hand, people really bag on the .45GAP too much. It’s a fine round, get over it.

  • “Patriots” who love freedom, until they realize someone else is making money. Specifically people who cry “PRICE GOUGING!” whenever someone decides to sell their own property when demand goes up.

  • “Because mil-spec”

  • People who advocate others to “polish the feedramp”. If someone tells you this, run away

The News:

  • Glock’s “This Spring” Ad.
  • Nothing has changed with the M855 ban. The comment period is still open, and the ban is still looming. You may have heard that M855 was “already banned” which was a complete falsehood pushed out by some sensational bloggers. The BATFE clarified the issue. It’s more complicated than this, but Ben explains it real well in the episode.


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