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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 5, 2013

The News!

A North Carolina Court of appeals has ruled that a pardon in NC is a pardon. What that means, is that there are two types of pardons in NC, basically one that says that you didn't do the crime, and another one that says, yeah, you did do the crime, but we forgive you. The state Court of Appeals has ruled that the latter pardon is still a pardon, and as such those pardoned under that particular one will still have their 2nd Amendment rights restored.

Legal Update:

Colorado Lawmakers are facing recall elections because of their votes on gun control. One CO State Senator in particular, Democrat John Morse, who has been quoted saying that gun owners are a "sickness on our souls". His district is pretty small and conservative, and the required 7,178 signatures to spark the recall have been collected.

Club Matches vs. Major Matches:

We discuss the difference between club and major matches, and why someone would want to pay more money to shoot a major. Here in North Carolina we have several major matches in both IDPA and USPSA.

To shoot a major in IDPA, you must be a member with a valid classification, and to shoot one in USPSA you must be a member, but there isn't anything in the rulebook about needing a classification.

Some of the advantages of shooting a major include stiffer competition than club matches, prizes, and it's a good way to up your classification in the sport. It's more prestigious to up your classification by getting bumped at a match instead of just shooting classifiers.

Plug Of The Week:

This week we plugged Carolina Gunrunners in North Raleigh. These guys are always fantastic, and it's refreshing to go to a gunshop that doesn't have the stereotypical employees, but rather people who care about your purchase, and want to make you happy. Check them out!


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