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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 8, 2015

This week, we catch up with Bob (formerly known as "the new shooter"). We first talked to Bob back on Episode 30 after he'd just shot his first match, caught up with him six months later on Episode 54 to talk about progressing as a competitor. Most recently, we brought him in to help us with Episode 100, our PPQ vs VP9 shootout.

Today, he's back to talk about shooting competition even if you don't practice all the time like Ben and Luke. He has some thoughts about fitting competition in to life with family and other time commitments. He also talks level of participation, current level of skill, and how to enjoy shoot matches even if you're not planning to try and make Master class.

The News
The main news story this week is Oklahoma passing a bill to allow authorized staff in K-12 schools to carry concealed at school. It still requires extra training and may not be adopted by all schools or school districts, but it's an excellent move forward for good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns, especially protecting our children.

Tip of the Week
Don't forget to take yourself in to account in your evaluation of gear. Sometimes, especially for older shooters, it's important to make sure your gun, holster, sights, trigger, grip, and everything else still work for you over time. Whether you're getting smarter by learning better techniques or older with achy joints, it's always worth it to pull the carry gun out and dry fire every once in a while.