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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jul 26, 2017

Every week I put together the Patreon Only NewsBlast Podcast, and it seems like every week I get a really great article from the Grand Island Independent in  Grand Island, Nebraska about a shooting competition that's taking place in Grand Island.

It's always about different shooting sports that are taking place in that area, and they've all been cool, and I'd never heard of most of them.

This got me excited because the local newspaper is going positive stories on the shooting sports in a regular basis. 

I want to do more to get exposure for the shooting sports in my area, and I think you should too. Post your videos in places that aren't gun-centric. Let people in your area know that there are matches in the area, and help them get started, and keep the politics out of it. 

Gear that Doesn't Suck

Have a cooler so you can have COLD water on the hottest match days. I think it's silly to spend a ton of money on the "cooler de-jour" that everyone and their brother has, but I've got one of thee regular old Coleman coolers and it works great.

It's got wheels so you can roll it from stage to stage if you like, and it keeps your drinks cold all day. Will it keep stuff cold for a week? I have no idea, I've never needed to keep stuff cold that long in a cooler.

So, in all honesty, it's probably cheaper to buy a cooler locally, than to pay shipping from Amazon, but if you're buying anything on Amazon, I'd certainly appreciate you clicking any of the Amazon links on this website, and I'll get a commission from Amazon for sending you. 

Drill of the Week:

Practice moving and keeping both hands on the gun, and moving with dismounting the gun with your weak hand. See what distances it makes sense to dismount the gun, and what distances it makes sense to stay on it. 

I think everyone is going to be a little different depending on skill level, etc, so you've gotta figure it out yourself. 

Holsters for Competition Beginners:

Everything you need here.