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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jan 17, 2017


On Saturday I shot a Day/Night IDPA match at H2O Fowl Farms. We shot all 6 stages once during the daylight, and then when the sun went down we shot the match again with flashlights. If you've never shot with a flashlight before, it can be a challenge that you're not expecting. Holding the flashlight while shooting is a challenge, but then reloading your gun with a flashlight in your weak hand can be even more of a challenge than just shooting.In addition to the Day/Night match, we also shot with the new IDPA rules. The biggest changes I noticed during the match were the fault lines, followed closely with the new reload rules. I think the fault lines have profoundly changed the game for the better.

Gear that Doesn't Suck

During the match I shot my Streamlight ProTac 2L flashlight, which is the same light I carry in my pocket every day. The only change I've made to it is to file off the little nubs around the switch (use a file, not a Dremel, trust me)  to make it easier to activate the light when holding it one handed while shootin

I've found it to be a great flashlight, so if you're looking for something to carry every day, I'd recommend the ProTac 2L.


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