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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 9, 2018

I had a very frustrating practice session at the range on Monday. I burned about 500 rounds just shooting a plate rack because it's been something that has been really killing me at matches recently.

Here's what happened:

I could kill the plate rack at 10 yards. Anywhere between 3.1 and 3.5 seconds, no misses, no problems.

At 15 yards, I was an absolute mess. I'd hit the first plate, then start missing all over the place with no obvious reason why.

Then, at 20 yards, I was actually shooting better than I was shooting at 15 yards.

I burned a bunch of ammo at the 15y plate rack and it was just a crap show. What I noticed though, was that I didn't really need much of a sight picture to shoot the plate rack at 10y. A flash of the red fiber optic inside the rear notch, and I was sending the shot and getting a hit.

At 15y, I obviously needed more than that, and I wasn't getting it.

At 20y, my brain was making my trigger finger wait for the sights before sending the round.

I did some thinking, and decided I'd take a full magazine and shoot it into the berm, only pulling the trigger when the sight picture was acceptable. Then I immediately reloaded with another magazine and I was able to shoot the plate rack well at 15y for a few runs, and then my problem would come back.

So, I burned a ton of ammo, and I didn't totally solve my problem, but I think I at least have it sort of figured out. I've been dryfiring since leaving the range on Monday without pulling the trigger at all. All my dryfire this week has consisted of just acceptable sight pictures, and no trigger pulls, and things feel pretty good.

I'm certain this is something I'll have to practice for a while, but I'm determined to not suck at shooting steel going forward...