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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jan 19, 2015

This week we talk about gun belts. There’s a lot of BS spewed on the internet about belts, and we sort through it based on our experience. Some folks like leather belts because they have a more traditional look, and they tend to flex and form to your body real nice. Other folks like the “tactical” nylon type belts because they are more adjustable, and can be extremely stiff.

I started out carrying concealed with a Wilderness Tactical CSM belt (the one with the kydex stiffener) and later moved to the Two Fools Leather Goods Fat Boy Belt after Curt from TFLG sent me one for review. Some years later, I’m still wearing the leather Fat Boy Belt. I miss the infinite adjustability of the nylon belt, but the leather, while being really stiff and sturdy, has a little stretch and give to it that makes is perfect for carrying a pistol for me.

The News:

As you’ve certainly heard, the BATFE changed their mind about the Sig SB-15 Stabilizing Brace. No, the braces weren’t made illegal, even though some headlines would have you believe otherwise. Basically, they decided that shouldering an AR pistol with an SB-15 brace attached constitutes redesigning the firearm into an unregistered short barreled rifle. How it can go from perfectly legal to illegal when you hold it up to your shoulder is beyond me, but that’s the new ruling. What’s next, will they say that pulling the trigger really fast makes a gun a machine gun?

Magpul announced that they will be making Glock 17 magazines. Yep, aftermarket, US made, 100% polymer Glock magazines. MSRP is $16. I’m stoked.

Plug of the Week:

This week we plug the Pricelaw Blog. They post some really good, in depth analysis of gun laws. They can do this because they’re lawyers, not college drop-out bloggers like me. Check them out, and subscribe to their blog in your feed reader, it’s good stuff.




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