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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 24, 2013

As we mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, John Z. from the Zombie Shooters Association dual weilding revolvers at an IDPA BUG match at PDHSC a while back:

The News!

Could Ruger be bringing some firearms production to NC? There was some speculation last week, but now it has been confirmed that Ruger is considering a property in Rockingham County, NC. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we will keep our fingers crossed for some more jobs coming to the state!

Legal Update:

Nothing too new, but we need to stay on top of the NC House Reps. Call, email, send letters, and show up at their offices if possible! We need to send the message to them that they need to vote to concur with HB937 as passed by the Senate. Click here to find out who represents you. The legislative session is drawing to a close soon, so we need to hold strong and get this bill passed!

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Rally:

On Saturday, June 22, 2013 Ben and I went down to the MAIG rally. The turnout from the anti-gun folks was really pitiful. With just about 24hrs notice, us pro-2A folks were able to bring out a group nearly twice as big as the MAIG people. This was also supposed to be a bus tour, but sadly we were told that the bus broke down. Dang it.

Here's the tally:

Anti Gun Gestures: 1 middle finger, 1 negative head shake from an old lady, and 1 thumbs down

Pro Gun Gestures: 50+ Horn Honks, Arm Waves, and hoots and hollers from drivers

Check out the NC Renegade YouTube Videos from the Rally.


Pro Gun Folks:

Plug Of The Week:

G-Code Holsters in Jacksonville, NC. I've owned a couple G-Code holsters for some time, and I've recently ordered a G-Code Incog holster for the Springfield XDs. They make great products, and they are a local NC based company, so show them some support next time you are shopping for a holster!

Tip Of The Week:

Don't just dry-fire with your competition gear. Dry-fire the way you carry concealed. Use your carry gun, your concealed carry holster, and the same type of concealment garment that you wear day to day. Even you pocket carriers, when was the last time you practiced your draw?


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