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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Sep 2, 2014

I'm being told that this episode had some technical issues, they are fixed now!

We asked the Facebook Page for their competition shooting gripes, and we received a ton of responses. This week we went through a bunch of them and tried to explain the intent behind the rule, or the reason that others share the same gripe.

 Competition in General:

- Competition shooting will get you iced on the streets


- "I don't want to compete against those people with open guns!"

- "Using "gamer" gear doesn't make you better with concealed carry gear!"

- "The "Speed Unload" will get you killed in a gunfight!"


- Cover

- Appendix Carry

- No moving reloads (Did you really move and reload before the rule change? really?)

- Can't drop an empty magazine with a round in the chamber

The News

California's 10 day waiting period to buy a firearm has been mostly repealed. A judge ruled that it didn't make any sense to make someone who already owns a bunch of guns wait 10 days to buy another one. The ruling was stayed for 180 days to give the state time to react.

Harnett County, NC has re-issued operation permits to Drake Landing. Drake Landing is a wonderful sporting clays facility just south of Fuquay Varina that has been under fire from neighbors for several years. They have new restrictions as to the types of guns that can be shot there (No pistols bigger than a .45, and no rifles larger than a .22) but at the very least it appears that they will remain open.

A California public school vice principal was arrested after it was found that he had a gun in his office. He was later released when they figured out that since he has a California concealed carry permit he wasn't breaking the law.

An Ohio woman was accosted by two men while walking her dog on a greenway path. One of the men was armed with a baseball bat, and told the woman that she was going to come with them. The woman asked them a question while she slipped her hand into her pocket, and retrieved and readied her pistol. The thugs not wanting to shot fled the scene, and Police are still looking for them.

New Shooter Testamonials

Sean from sent in a voicemail to tell us about his first IDPA match. He's hooked.

If you want to send in a testimonial about your first shooting match, email (bonus points if you send a voicemail).

Plug of the Week

This week we plug ourselves... sorta. Ben and I were on the 2AToday podcast a few weeks back and we had a great time wrapping up their "Battleground States" series. We talk about the states that have seen a reduction in gun rights recently, and compare and contrast some of the different things that have been happening in those states.