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Nov 4, 2014

Early this evening IDPA sent an email to it’s membership that has caused a bit of a stir on social media. The biggest piece of news is that they are getting rid of the “flat footed reload” rule that has caused so much stir around the game since it was introduced last year that you can hardly mention IDPA without having someone mention the rule.

Also of note in the email blast:

  • IDPA is getting rid of the Enhanced Service Revolver division
  • They are considering adding a new division, either a “Compact Carry Pistol” division for Glock 19/M&P Compact sized pistols, or a “Laser and Optic Pistol” division for guns with laser sights and slide ride optics.

  • In the rules clarification they also ruled that ALL “bullets out” magazine pouches are not suitable for all day carry, and thus illegal for IDPA. This really sticks in my craw…


Get your shirts! Y’all asked for another run of shirts, and this time we decided to add some more colors, and a little nicer typography on the front of them. The shirts are available for 14 days from the time of this posting (11/3/2014 – 11/17/2014) and then they will not be available until we do another run.

The News

A couple months back we discussed a ruling by the BATFE that ruled that trusts (like the ones many people use to own NFA firearms and suppressors) are not people. This opened the door for adding machine guns to the machine gun registry, given that the law states that people may not register machine guns after the registry was closed in 1986, but the law doesn’t say anything about trusts. There is now officially have a lawsuit on this issue. Fingers crossed.