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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 8, 2017

This week I wanted to wrap up a couple loose ends that I didn't cover in the last few episodes about folks that are new to competitive shooting.

Leniency for new shooters. I'm the first person to tell you to come shoot with the gear you've got just to get your feet wet in the shooting sports. I don't care if your gun isn't quite legal (as long as it's safe) or if your magazine pouches don't quite fit the rules for the division you're shooting or whatever, because I think it's important to just shoot what you've got before dumping boatloads of money on something you're not even sure you'll like.

However, I am not willing to afford this sort of leniency when it comes to safety rules. If you can't be safe with a gun, you shouldn't come shoot. If the phrase “but it isn't loaded” is part of your vocabulary, you're not ready. We're playing with real guns, and safety is always first. I won't compromise, and I won't be a part of any group that does.

Try all the flavors of ice cream. If you go shoot your first match and the folks there tell you not to shoot a different match because “those guys are just gamers who spray bullets and don't care about accuracy" or "those guys are are just too tacticool for their own good, don't be like them." you owe it to yourself to go shoot that other match.

Things that make you go "ugghhh"

I need your voicemails for an upcoming episode! What made you go "ugh" at a recent match? I'll tell you, one that that makes me go "ugghhh" is when people paste targets with no regard to the scoring lines. At some point you'll have to cover a scoring line with a paster, I get it, but try to cover as little as possible, and if you don't have to cover the scoring line, don't!

So, send me a voicemail and tell me what makes you go "ugghhh" at a match. Here's how to do it.


Pat in Connecticut sends in a question about whether to run "bullets out" or "bullets forward" magazine pouches. 

  • Personally, I like "bullets out" better but I currently run "bullets forward" pouches. I'm considering making the switch after this season. I think if you're just getting started, "bullets out" is better. 

Plug of the Week:

Literally, for several years now a crazy libertarian friend of mine has been hounding me to listen to and finally this last week I ran out of podcasts to listen to, so I gave it a try, and, well, I like it. 

It's the Tom Woods Show, and he's a crazy libertarian like I am, so if you lean that way too, you'll probably like it. If you don't lean that way, we can still be friends, it's cool.