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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jul 29, 2014

The Palmer vs. DC case has been the giant news piece from the past week, and the decision only came out on Saturday. Ben and I dive deep into the decision and talk about what lead up to it, what it all means (We're not lawyers though...) and where we think the decision will take us in the future. As mentioned in the episode, you should follow @EmilyMiller on twitter, and Alan Gura's blog where he's posting updates as well.

The News:

A Pennsylvania doctor used his concealed handgun to save his life this week. A crazed madman entered the office where the doctor was working and murdered a woman before being engaged in gunfire from the doctor who had a concealed handgun. Both the doctor and the scumbag were shot, with the scumbag eventually being wrestled to the ground and detained until police could arrive. It appears as though the doctor may keep his job, even though he violated hospital policy by carrying on the property.

A group of misguided moms counter-protested an Open Carry Texas event last week, and they did it topless. We're not sure why.

Remington announced that they will be taking back every R51 pistol made, re-tooling and re-working the design, and replacing all of them with new pistols.

An Iowa resident with a CCW permit took over a police chase after an officer was injured, and held 5 suspects at gunpoint until other police could get there to take over. His name? Eastwood. Someone please tell me he carries a .44mag!

A man found his brother wrestling with an armed home invader in the middle of the night. He retrieved his gun, and confronted the 15 year old home invader, who dropped his gun, and started crying. It's a good lesson that not all threats are crazed madmen, sometimes they are stupid kids being stupid.

Listener Feedback:

Mark from Ohio wrote into the show to tell us about shooting his first competitive shooting match. Sounds like he had a great time!

“So I had an awesome time at the match! I thought I did ok considering it was my first one, at least I stayed competitive. I think it's safe to assume I'm hooked. Thanks to you guys for planting the seed!”

Tip of the Week:

When planning a stage at a match, keep track of the number of rounds, not the number of targets, especially of it's a game where different targets get a different number of rounds.

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