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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 11, 2013

The News!

Is gamer gear finally becoming mainstream? There's a new trailer for Battlefield 4 that shows a rifle with offset iron sights and flip to the side magnifiers.

Legal Update:

Looks like we are beginning to see some movement on NC House Bill 937. The bill was moved out of the rules committee into the Senate Judiciary I committee. This committee is co-chaired by two GRNC 4-star Senators, so this move could be a really good thing for us.

The chairmen of the committee are:

  • Buck Newton: (919) 715-3030

  • Thom Goolsby: (919) 715-2525

Situational Awareness for CCW Holders:

I had a weird situation happen a few nights ago that really made me re-think how I am aware of my surroundings. Ben and I talk about this, and a situation that he had some time ago.

We also talk about Jeff Cooper's color codes:

  • Condition White: Unaware and Unprepared
  • Condition Yellow: Relaxed Alert
  • Condition Orange: Specific Alert
  • Condition Red: FIGHT!

More on the Cooper Color codes at Modern Survival Blog.

Tip Of The Week:

We've had a lot of questions from new shooters about specific things that we carry in our range bags. Ben and I delve into all of the things we carry, from the mundane to the things that you probably wouldn't expect.

We need your help! If you have a shooting tip to share with the listeners, hit the form at or leave us a voicemail and let us know!

Where we'll be shooting:

Ben will be shooting the IDPA Carolina Cup on Friday and Saturday on Oxford, NC. I'll be on site at least Saturday, but possibly Friday afternoon as well.


As mentioned above, we want to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to fire off an email to or leave us a voicemail if you want to hear your voice on the show!

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