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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Oct 19, 2015

Things are pretty good these days, so house economist (Ben) digs a little into why were seeing certain things from gun and accessory manufacturers right now.

The News

California Lt. Gov Newsome is pushing a ballot initiative in California. It's bad juju. Stay on top of this.

A 5yo girl finds an SBI agents gun in a restroom of a restaurant. Her parents prepared her for this, and she ran and told her mom.

The Salt Lake Practical Shooters Association was broken into and had all of their timers, range equipment, tools, etc stolen. They currently have a GoFundMe running to try and get new stuff. Check it out if you can help.

Gear that Doesn't Suck

Paint a lot of steel targets at major matches? Hate trying to paste targets or shoot after you get paint goo on your trigger finger? One of the guys at the NC Sectional match this year showed up to our stage with one of these Can Guns and they were surprisingly amazing. Get a couple, chuck them in your range bag. They're amazing for stages where you have a lot of steel to paint between shooters.

Plug of the Week

USPSA has a bunch of videos from Limited/Open Nationals on their YouTube channel. Unfortunately they're not labeled or organized or anything.