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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 6, 2017


Long story short, I believe the biggest barrier that we face to advancing gun rights isn't politicians, but swaying the vast majority of the general public who are indifferent, or on the fence about guns. 

What I've found is, if you're just a normal person who likes to shoot, and talks about it in a normal way, most folks are pretty receptive. 

However, if you're rocking a "Hillary for Prison" shirt and whatnot (i.e. dressed in a way that automatically politicizes a conversation) the general public is going to be much less receptive to your message.

If you want to make something "normal" you've got to be normal. 


Check out this shirt I'm selling over on Teespring. I think it's pretty great, and I'm quite excited about it. 

First Match Voicemail:

Matt in Indiana sent in a great first match voicemail for this episode, and it made me want to remind everyone out there that I'm here to help. 

If you want to get started in competitive shooting, and have questions, hit me up. Shoot me an email at, read the How to Get Started in Competitive Shooting series here, and if that's not enough, sign up for my newsletter to get my .PDF with 9 more resources for getting started. You can get subscribed right here.

Plug of the Week:

Check out this episode of The Art of Manliness with Mike Rowe. Mike is a guy that really resonates with me, in that he tells people that they don't have to go to college and get deeply in debt to be successful. I'm the guy that he warns you about. I went to college because I thought I had to, then I dropped out, and don't have a diploma, but I've still got all the debt. 

I'm also someone who used to work a desk job, and hated every minute of it. I quit, got a job where I'm up and moving, working with my hands, and getting dirty, and I couldn't be happier. Turns out, I like being challenged, and I like doing things that require me to think. 

Just The Tip:

Here's my best practices for using a tablet to score people at matches with Practiscore:

  • Leave the tablets on the stages that they start on. (Don't take them from stage to stage) This way, if a tablet breaks or hiccups and loses the scores that have been entered into it, you only lose the one stage for everyone. If you take the same tablet from stage to stage, and it breaks, you lose all of the scores for every stage for that entire squad, and that sucks. 
  • Alphabetize by first name to get your first stage shooting order. Then, on the next stage, drop down as many shooters as it takes to make it all the way around during the match (If you have 12 people on the squad, and 6 stages, drop by 2 shooters each stage.) This way, everyone gets a chance to shoot at the top of the order, and at the bottom of the order, and nobody has to go first on every stage. 
  • The reason you go by first name, is because it's repeatable from tablet to tablet, and generally splits up family members who have the same last name that might want to film each other and but then not have enough time to prepare to go next if you were to sort by last name.