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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Apr 6, 2015

In the past couple of weeks here in NC, we’ve seen several bills flow into the state legislature that would make some positive changes to our concealed carry (and other gun laws). The biggest of which is HB562. Among other things, HB562 would allow a little more leeway for people bringing guns onto school grounds in their vehicles, add an exception to an exception to allow concealed carry at the state fair (which in our opinion, adds to the “Quagmire of Stupidity” that we talked about back in Episode 103), adds a vehicle storage law that basically says that employers cannot disallow people from having a gun in their locked car, and would standardize signage requirements no guns signage. The bill does a lot more than what I mentioned here, but these are the parts we cover in this episode.

We also have a look at SB708, a bill that makes for an extra special concealed carry permit in the state. I’m all for expanding carry privileges, but I don’t think this bill is really the way to do it. I outline some of my problems with it here and here.

The News:

  • Kansas becomes the 6th state allowing Constitutional Carry. As mentioned in the episode, there are some fantastic quotes from the Governor in this article.


  • Taurus recalls the Curve pistol. Unfortunately for Taurus, word of the recall hit social media before their press release about it, and people were jumping all over the pistol before they found out it’s only being recalled because a batch of them left the factory without having the caliber engraved into the barrel. I had the chance to shoot a Curve a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t as awful as some people make it sound, so there’s that.

Dry Fire Drill of the Week:

Distance Change Up: Here’s a video of Ben Stoeger explaining it.


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