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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Aug 10, 2015

Governor Pat McCrory signed NC H562 into law a couple days ago, so Ben and I decided to go through the bill section by section to give you a rundown of what is still in it after all of the runaround through the hullabaloo that happened with it in the NC House. It's still a good bill, but I want to make one thing clear here in the shownotes, as well as in the episode: The NC Pistol Purchase Permit is not going away, there were a couple changes to it, but it's still required. Also, we're not lawyers. I'm a college dropout, and Ben plays with computers or something for a living, so there's a good chance we messed something up. The idea here is to give you a general idea of what's in the bill so you can then go find the relevant sections of it, and have a read of it yourself.

The ratified version of the bill that was signed by the Governor can be found here.

The News

Chucky Schumer and Amy Schumer held a press conference this week proposing that something be done to stop mass shootings. The internet exploded with hate and vitriol after they proposed that a bill be written to do this:

“The proposed legislation, which the two presented at a news conference Monday, would reward states that submit information to the background-check system and penalize states that don't comply.”

But then, a few days later, John Cornyn in the US Senate introduced a NRA backed bill that would do this, and... crickets:

“The new legislation from Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn tries to patch some holes in the current national background checks system by encouraging states, through the promise of federal funding, to send more information on mental-health records to the national database.”

On the surface at least, it sounds like the bills do roughly the same thing.

The Blue Bullets

So I ordered 3600 of these last week, and received a 65lb box of lead from The Blue Bullets in the mail (Actually the post office called and asked if I could pick it up, because my mail carrier couldn't lift the box. No problem). I've been loading them like a madman, to try and get a good stockpile of ammo built up again. I like The Blue Bullets, I've been shooting them since before they were a sponsor, and I think they're great. Check out a sample pack if you haven't tried them, and save a little more with the code "triangle" at checkout.

Call to Action

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