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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Sep 16, 2013

Tips For Buying Used Handguns:

On the exterior of the pistol, there are a couple things to look for:

  • The first is holster wear, and this really isn't a big deal. Holster wear would be things like a shiny spot on the polymer frame, or some light finish wear on the slide. Holster wear shouldn't be mistaken for deep gouges in the metal or other things like that.
  • The second thing to check out on the exterior of the pistol is the sights, specifically if it has night sights. Ben and I talk about Law Enforcement trade-in pistols, and if the night sights are dim, just remember they aren't cheap to replace.

On the inside of the pistol, there are a couple things that we look for as well:

  • Look at the slide rails: Are they excessively worn? Some finish wear is perfectly normal and happens when a pistol is fired, but excessive wear could mean that the pistol was abused in the past.
  • Check how much play there is between the slide and the slide rails. Some play is normal.
  • Does the barrel lock up tight in the slide? If the pistol is excessively worn, the barrel may have a little wiggle room when the slide is forward and locked. This is no bueno.
  • Is the pistol sporting the factory trigger components? If not, you should find out what parts have been altered or installed, and who did the work.

Ask the seller some questions:

  • Make small talk while you are checking out the pistol. Sometimes if someone is lying to you, or they have something to hide they may let it slip if you get them talking.
  • If they mention the words "feed ramp" and "dremel" in the same sentence, RUN!

Do you have any things that you look for in a used handgun that we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments!

The News!


Remember the Wilson County, NC school that was raffling off the muzzle loader we talked about in Episode 45? Well they raised over $7000 for the school, and didn't bow down to pressure from the anti-gun idiots zealots.

There was another "isolated incident" on the American Tobacco Trail in Durham. It's definitely re-assuring to know that citizens are banned from legally carrying concealed on this trail, or we would have a real problem on our hands. /sarcasm


As I've mentioned on the blog earlier, both Colorado Senators up for recall election were recalled last week! This is really exciting news, and it looks like Gov. Hickenlooper is beginning to see the writing on the walls, and may be changing his tune about guns just a little.

Angela Giron, one of the recalled Senators doesn't think her gun control votes lead to her recall, but rather the fact that people actually had to go to the polling place to vote. She was smacked down pretty epically in this CNN video.

Plug of the Week:

Safety Solutions Academy Podcast - Episode 0337 - “Safer, Faster Knife Defense with Alessandro Padovani”

I listened to this episode of the Safety Solutions Academy podcast today, and I really liked the suggestions that the guest brought up about considerations for a knife that may be pressed into service as a defensive tool. If you carry a knife, give it a listen.


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