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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Apr 1, 2017

Treating a Match Like an Athletic Event

I used to do a ton of obstacle racing and we would train specifically for the event, running distances, climbing walls, etc

And then I would eat well the night before, drink plenty of water and go to bed early. In the morning I’d eat a healthy breakfast with slow carbs to last throughout the day and pack with me plenty of water in a camelbak and some shotblocks for quick carbs out on the course.

And I don’t do any of that for 3-Gun matches.

This became apparent recently when I was shooting the Dissident Arms Multigun monthly club match near College Station, Texas.

So the night before I got to talking with the roommates and stayed up a little too late. And I’ve been running a bit too hard lately so I actually slept through my alarm. I woke up at 7, about an hour late and quickly took care of the pup and hit the road to drive two hours to the match.

I sent a text to a pal on my squad to let him know that I’d be late and luckily when I got to the stage it was a 1-gun stage, pistol, and we were only a couple shooters in so they put me down in the order. I quickly got ready and came over in time to help reset for one shooter and then I was up.

Of course it was a trash stage but that theme kept on most of the match. I was bumpling shotgun loads and couldn’t shoot the pistol to save my life.

So what did I learn from that?

Well a couple things:

I think I might be shooting too many matches and just not taking them seriously enough.

Self care. I’ve largely gotten away from this as far as matches go.

Get that sleep. This is totally subjective so if you need that 8 hours, get it. If you need less, good for you.

Eat a decent breakfast in the morning. Something that will give you energy for a few hours.

Pack some snacks. I like an apple but I found myself getting hungry toward the end of the day so I need to add something to the mix. Small snacks that can be eaten throughout the day and not necessarily one big meal.

Hydration. My standard is one of those standard 16oz bottles of water per stage. I came away from this match having consumed 1 24 oz bottle of water over 4 stages. That’s not nearly enough for the hot Texas day that I was shooting in.

The News

Federal Cartridge lays off a whole bunch of workers.

Gear that Doesn't Suck

Traveling all around the country for 3Gun matches, I've had the opportunity to shoot in some really... awful... weather.

I picked up a big golf umbrella for matches, and it's been phenomenal for keeping me, and all my stuff dry in crappy weather.