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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Aug 4, 2014

Weapon mounted lights are pretty awesome. They offer a lot of advantages over a handheld light, in that you don't have to fumble with two things in your hand, you can fire the gun with full grip strength using both hands, and they really make shooting in the dark as close to shooting in daylight as you can get. There are two arguments against weapon mounted lights, and both of them are unfounded these days:

  1. "You have to point the gun at someone to identify them." Back in the day with really dim incandescent lights this was true. The fact is though that the current generation of LED weapon mounted lights are more than bright enough to light up an entire room with the gun at low ready.
  2. "If I have the light on the gun, the bad guy will just shoot at the light and kill me!" Let's face it, even with a handheld light, you'll most likely be holding it with a syringe grip in basically the same place as a weapon mounted light, or you'll be holding it up near your head which could be even worse. Target fixation is a real thing, and getting shot in the hands during a gunfight is a theme I've noticed when reading about shootings, but I don't think the light being handheld or weapon mounted really makes a difference in these situations. If anything, having it attached to the gun may keep you from dropping the light if you were to get shot in the hand.

IDPA and USPSA don't allow weapon mounted lights, because of the huge advantage that they offer. That's fine for games, but if they offer such a big advantage, it sounds like something that I'd want in a gunfight.

If you have a defensive long gun, using a handheld light really isn't an option at all. A good option is a pistol mounted light that can pull dual duty on a pistol and a long gun. In the episode, Ben mentioned the Mossie Tactics light mount for adding his Streamlight TLR-1 to an AR-15 with a standard front sight block. You need to play around with mounting the light in different locations, and decide what works best for you. Some people like them mounted closer/further from the muzzle, and in different orientations around the handguard (12 o'clock, 9 o'clock, etc.).

The News:

Ruger announced the LC9s this week, which is a striker fired version of the Ruger LC9. It's supposed to have half the trigger length of the standard LC9, and a 5lb trigger that has been described as "glock like". Unfortunately it has the full gamut of lawyer features (thumb safety, trigger safety, and magazine disconnect). It's awesome that Ruger is listening though, and decided to make the striker fired version of this pistol. Ben suggested that they should make a "Free State" version without the thumb safety and magazine disconnect. Ruger, if you're listening, I'd buy one. Or two.

The Kansas City, MO city council voted unanimously this last week to ban open carry in the city. Fortunately though for lovers of liberty in the city, it looks like the state legislature is set to override the veto of a bill that will make it illegal for the city of Kansas City to do this.

Listener Feedback:

Jeremy wrote into the Facebook page to ask about power factor, and Gerrit wrote in an email asking about gun modifications for Production division in USPSA.

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