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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Mar 7, 2016

It must be the smell of spring in the air or the upcoming competitive shooting season being in the air that brings out all sorts of lame excuses from people about their poor/lack of performance.

  • "There's not a division that exactly fits my one-off gun that I modified myself!"
  • "I can't shoot exactly how I carry concealed, and I can only draw from my concealed holster ever because muscle memory."
  • "This gun doesn't "fit my hand". (Unless you can't reach controls, you're just making a lame excuse.)

The News

West Virginia overrode the veto of the Governor and will have permit-less concealed carry in a couple months. That makes 9 states now with permit-less concealed carry. 

Yes, we've seen the Keanu Reeves video. It's cool, but we wanted to clarify a few things about it. It's not at a 3-gun match, and he's probably not going to take up shooting competitively. It's still really cool though.

Tip of the Week:

Don't consciously control speed at a match. When you push yourself out of control, bad things ALWAYS happen. I shot the SWGC USPSA match this weekend and had 6 great stages (1 stage win) and then on the last stage I decided that I needed to dial it up to 11 and I got my first penalties of the day (2 hardcover Mikes) and that sucked. 

Plug of the Week:

Bob Owens on did some good work last week diving into the shenanigans that's going on in Mecklenburg County, NC with regards to pistol purchase permits.