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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Dec 13, 2017

2018 Goals. 

I'm writing it down here, throwing down the gauntlet for 2018: I will make USPSA Production Master before my birthday at the end of June. 

I refused to make this goal last year, but 2018 is the time to make it happen. You read it here first folks. 

What are your goals for 2018? How are you going to make them happen?

What to do with junior shooters who don't help?

This question came in from a long time listener who is noticing a trend of junior shooters who only shoot, and don't bother to help resetting and pasting and scoring.

What should we do with them?

I don't know, unfortunately. I do think that the shooting sports run on responsibility, and when people aren't helping, I don't think they're being responsible. 

What targets do you bring to the range for practice?

Major asks what targets I bring to the range when I'm practicing. 

I have 3 target stands that I built with regular old 2x4's from Home Depot and a couple screws. All told, they cost me about $3 a piece, and they've been great. 

I have a few pieces of steel that are all mismatched that I picked up here and there, and if I could do it over again, I would buy a few pieces of steel that were all the same so I could set them up like a static plate rack, or move them around however I wanted. Right now, with all the different pieces of steel I've got, I can't do that.

Bring real targets. Don't skimp on the paper (like paper paper, not cardboard), get real deal cardboard targets. Also, bring pasters. 

First Match:

Russ in Pensacola sends in a voicemail about his first match... as a Match Director. That's awesome.