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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Feb 9, 2015

We received a question from a listener about where to start in competitive shooting, and what the differences between IDPA and USPSA were. For beginners, looking to shoot their very first match, Ben and I agree IDPA is generally the best place to get your feet wet. Ben breaks it down into three areas:

  1. IDPA requires less stuff to get started. All you need is a pistol, holster, and a mag pouch, and you’re good to go for a bit.

  2. IDPA stages are shorter, and they give you a plan to follow (start here, shoot these targets in this order, etc).

  3. IDPA is more forgiving of less perfect gear. Plenty of folks own something like a S&W Shield that they carry, and that pistol is just fine in IDPA, but I wouldn’t recommend it for USPSA.

The News:

  • Para is “going out of business”. They aren’t really, Remington is just killing the brand when they move everything over to the big super-plant in Alabama. Sounds like you’ll still be able to get your favorite pistols, they’ll just say Remington on the side instead of Para.

  • IDPA sent an email to their membership last week that clarified a lot of the decisions that they made in the new rulebook. Most notably, they had DM and M level shooters shoot the classifier on the same day with SSP and CCP firearms, and found that classifier times with CCP sized guns were 7-24% slower than with SSP sized guns.




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