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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Jun 22, 2015

This week Ben and I have a discussion about the upcoming race for USPSA President. Up to this point, I haven't really cared about it much, as I generally feel that things are going just fine with the sport, and as a somewhat casual shooter, I can't think of what needs to be fixed. Ben however has a much deeper understanding of these things than I do, and explains to me (and you) why it's important, and who is running on which platform, etc. I'm actually interested now, and I think even if you don't shoot USPSA, you'll find the discussion interesting.


We apparently forgot to mention this on the podcast, but Ben and I were interviewed on the Action Shooting Radio podcast a few weeks ago. We talked about how to stay motivated to practice, and I thought it was a pretty good episode. You should check it out, it's episode 45 of their podcast. You can find them in iTunes hereStitcher here, and the regular podcast feed address is here.

Gear That Doesn't Suck

We get asked a lot about getting into reloading, so this week for Gear that Doesn't Suck, Ben and I talked about the reloading press that we've both started with (and as of the release of this episode still use, although Ben is upgrading to a Dillon 650 in the near future).

We both use the Lee 4-hole Turret Press, and we both have loaded a lot of ammo on our respective presses. I'l closing in on 7000 rounds on mine, and Ben figures he's somewhere up around the 20,000 round mark on his. It's not the best press, or the fastest, but it'a a great starting point that's faster than a single stage, and has less of a learning curve than a progressive press.

As mentioned in the podcast, I put together a list of all the beginner reloading stuff we recommend, and you can find it here.

The News

NC House Bill 562 left the NC House this past week after having so many amendments added to it that I can't even tell you what's still in the bill, and what isn't. You can check out the amendments here.

The Brady Bunch has been ordered to pay the legal fees of some businesses that they sued after the Colorado theatre shooting.

There was a terrible shooting in a church in South Carolina this week. Folks that are both pro- and anti-gun have been politicizing the issue. It's not okay to politicize it, no matter which side you are on. Also, if you haven't already, check out this episode of the American Warrior Society podcast where Mike Seeklander interviews a man who intervened when some scumbags were planning to kill everyone in his church.

Just months after an Uber driver intervened in a mass shooting in Chicago, and everyone praised Uber for their policy of following state and local laws regarding guns, they seem to have quietly changed their policy on the issue, banning guns for both drivers and passengers using Uber.

Tip of the Week:

When you're shooting a major match, don't just sign off on your score sheet and forget about it. Take a minute to verify everything is correct before you put it away, because once you sign it, it's final.




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