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Triangle Tactical Podcast - Competitive Shooting, Mostly

Nov 1, 2016

Ever met someone who wasn't really into shooting, but more into just always having the coolest newest gun, and then all the sudden they're not around anymore?

Recently I was listening to a couple different podcasts, The Joe Rogen Experience with Dan Bilzarian, and the recent Freakonomics podcast on Maintenence, and a common theme came up in both shows: The idea that once you have the best thing, you don't get the same enjoyment out of something that isn't quite as good. 

In the Dan Bilzarian interview, he talked about how a lot of rich people aren't happy because they're able to buy whatever they want, and if they are only getting their enjoyment out of stuff, and not experiences, they run out of things to enjoy pretty quickly. I've seen this thing happen in the shooting sports a time or two, where someone isn't really into shooting, but into showing up to matches with the coolest newest thing. Eventually, they've got everything, and you stop seeing them as much when they move onto something else. 

I think the lesson here is this: If you want to stick around for a good long while, find your enjoyment in practice, progression, and actually shooting. By all means, shoot with the nicest gun you can afford, but just know, if you're getting your enjoyment out of the gun, that's a short buzz that doesn't last long.

The News

There's been a rash of gun store burglaries in North Carolina recently where the bad guys are taking stolen vehicles and driving them through the doors and walls of gun stores to gain entry in the middle of the night, and then stealing all the guns they can get their hands on. Here's the thing about this: the anti-gun crowd tells us that it's so easy for a bad guy to walk into a gun show and buy whatever gun they want with no repercussions, but if that were true, why would these criminals be going to these great lengths to break into gun stores to steal guns?

There's been campus carry in Texas for a couple months now, and... nothing. A news outlet 'round those parts went on campus to interview students about it, and nothing's happened. (H/T SaysUncle)


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